Crystal Incense Stick Holder - Various

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Crystal holds one incense stick. Due to the nature of this stone, size, shape and colour will vary.

H3.8cm x W6cm x D5cm

Citrine is a stunning, yellow crystal said to increase optimism, cleanse the aura and boost self-esteem. 

Labradorite is a powerful, green-grey stone said to alleviate fear and promote intuition. 

Clear quartz is one of the most popular crystals and is said to aid concentration and protect against negative energies. 

Sodalite is said to be one of the best tools for healing and strengthening spirituality. 

Rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals and is said promote healing, attract love, and create inner feelings of peace and reassurance.

Tiger's Eye is a powerful stone said to increase vitality, stamina and assist in overcoming challenging obstacles.

Fluorite is a stunning crystal found in a rainbow of colours. Green fluorite is said to cleanse energies, encourage balance and ais in decision making

Red Jasper is an energising stone said to increase emotional stamina, promote courage and alleviate anxiety.